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For hundreds of years in Vrancea Country (old Romanian province), the wood is processed for building houses and churches, ornamental gates, roofs of tiles, furniture and work tools. biserica

For over 60 years in Focsani, a worldwide known wood processing industry is growing bigger and bigger, and are forming experts.

cioplitor WDI, a young company after the birth, is continuing to improve experience of its workers, technicians and managers, after 15 years of collaboration with German partners.

Tradition and quality of wooden doors made by WDI are decisive arguments in the every day battle to preserve the market position and to resist the aggressive competition of PVC or aluminum doors.

Thus, implementation of quality management is the concern of our entire staff.

Also, we care about models of doors diversification, having as target both export and local market. ozana

WDI is using a complex technology that enables it to achieve both finished products (wooden doors and windows) and semi-products and panels needed to produce them. Wooden doors serie consists of fornt doors, interior doors and secondary doors, WDI offering a big number of models of each type.

With a drying capacity of 300 cubic meters per charge and a processing capacity of 200-250 cubic meters per month, WDI can join the list of national suppliers.

We are looking for parteners among manufacturers of wooden doors and windows, but also the other interested beneficiaries.

We also offer guaranteed services of timber drying.

Visit us at the earliest opportunity! Near Focsani, DN 2D Focsani - Tg. Secuiesc.